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The Arlanza Triangle

Visit the Arlanza Triangle and discover its charm

Visiting the region of Arlanza is immersing yourself in one of the most charming areas of Castilla y León and probably the most varied and interesting for tourists in the province of Burgos due to the quantity and variety of plans it offers in all areas. From visiting heritage and cultural emblems to gastronomy or wine tourism, which are one of the great hallmarks of the region. A stay in a hotel in Lerma like Posada de Eufrasioalways has to include an excursion to its famous “Arlanza Triangle” made up of the three places with the most history and most charm in the area, Covarrubias, Lerma and Santo Domingo de Silos. Generally, the visit to this Arlanza Triangle usually begins in Covarrubias but from Posada de Eufrasio you can start directly from Villa de Lerma.
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1. The experience in Lerma begins

Lerma, the town in which we are located, was always a town full of life due to its location in a strategic place on the banks of the Arlanza River, which is why throughout history it has become a crossroads. Over the years its appearance changed and evolved from its Celtiberian origin and saw different cultures pass through it. It had a castle and was walled in the Middle Ages but it was not until the 17th century when this town acquired its current baroque style from the hand of Duke Francisco Gómez de Sandoval-Rojas y Borja.

A walk through Lerma that you will love

A walk through Lerma will “take you” to other historical moments perfectly linked and preserved throughout the town and will be the best way to begin your visit to the Arlanza Triangle. Normally a walk through its streets will take you from the Plaza Mayor to the Collegiate Church of San Pedro. This route, from the Ducal Palace, was taken by the kings and the Duke of Lerma through a tunnel, the ducal passage, which can be visited today. During your walk we always recommend visiting other emblems of Lerma such as the Plaza de Santa Clara, the Mirador de los Arcos or the monastery of the Ascension of the Lord, from 1610.
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2. The “Triangle” continues in Santo Domingo de Silos

Normally visits to the Arlanza triangle end with a visit to the town of Santo Domingo de Silos but in this case, as we have started the visit from Lerma, Santo Domingo de Silos becomes the second stage. Without a doubt, the most representative and tourist element of this town is its monastery, an authentic Romanesque jewel that will delight lovers of history, spirituality and art. Its origin dates back to the Visigothic era. After being devastated by the Arabs, it was Santo Domingo who rebuilt it. His remains are still preserved in a tomb excavated in the rock.

Admire its history and heritage

Perhaps what catches your attention the most when you enter is its sensational Romanesque cloister, which dates back to the 11th and 12th centuries, and has beautiful capitals on double columns sculpted with very varied themes. Its reliefs with representations of the life of Jesus Christ and the remains of Mudejar art are famous. Currently the monastery is run by Benedictine monks who celebrate Gregorian masses. A less known part but of a beauty and interest that will surprise you is its fantastic library and its 18th century apothecary, which brings together a collection of Talavera jars and a laboratory with ancient instruments.
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3. We close the Arlanza Triangle in Covarrubias

This town founded in the year 978 by Count García Fernández. It owes its name to the reddish caves that abound in the surroundings and its urban area, declared a Site of Cultural Interest. The tranquility of its streets and the charm of its corners makes Covarrubias a perfect place for an unforgettable walk with your family, couple or friends. From the moment you arrive you will notice that you are in a very special place where each street and each square has a beautiful corner where you can stop and enjoy it. In addition to enjoying the charm and tranquility, Covarrubias stands out for cultural and architectural visits.

The three visits that cannot be missed in Covarrubias

  The visit to the Arlanza triangle will culminate with three of the most spectacular visits of the excursion The Excollegiate Church of San Cosme and San Damián: With a Latin cross plan, with three naves and a transept, it houses within its walls the pantheons of numerous illustrious families of the town. Don’t miss the main altarpiece and the organ. The Church of Santo Tomás: Built in the 15th century. Don’t miss the Romanesque baptismal font, the 16th century altarpiece and the Plateresque staircase. The Torreón de Fernán González: Famous for being one of the main defensive elements of the town and a visit of great beauty today for lovers of Mozarabic architecture.
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