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Plans in Lerma & Arlanza

Five plans in Lerma and Arlanza that you cannot miss

. The town of Lerma and the region of Arlanza are characterized by their beauty and by the quantity and variety of plans that they offer to their visitors. Tradition, gastronomy, culture, art, wine tourism… Among our proposals you will find activities of all kinds, both organized and to visit individually. Always with the aim of making your visit to the area an unforgettable experience in which you can “soak up” the culture and charm of a unique land that you will surely return to once you discover it for the first time.
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Guided tour of Lerma

There is a guided tour 3 times a day from Tuesday to Sunday to the town of Lerma. The main squares and monuments are visited with explanation and can be booked directly at the tourist office in Lerma.

You can visit the Interpretation Center of La Villa, where you will discover the rich heritage of Lerma through models, period weapons … You will also visit the only section of the ducal passageway that linked the palace with various buildings of the town. The guided tour includes access to the Collegiate Church of San Pedro in a “Baroque Walk” in which the guide will explain the history of this interesting monument.

Plans in Lerma “under your feet”

. It is a guided tour that takes place on some specific dates in some months of the year. It consists of a visit to the subway galleries of Lerma used by the guerrillas and the passages built by the Duke of Lerma in the seventeenth century. You will also visit two wineries in the town center and end with a commented wine tasting of wine D.O. Arlanza. You will access the preserved section of the ducal passageway, walk through the village looking for the visible signs of the subway passageway, visit two traditional wineries in the town center, ending with a guided wine tasting in one of the wineries of the Arlanza Denomination of Origin, in the spectacular Parador Nacional de Lerma.
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Visit the “Arlanza Triangle”

. The Arlanza triangle is formed by the 3 most important towns in the area bathed by the Arlanza: Covarrubias, Lerma and Santo Domingo de Silos, very different towns but with many things in common, especially its tourist attraction, its gastronomy and the river that runs through them, the Arlanza. These three towns stand out for their rich artistic, cultural and natural heritage. Santo Domingo de Silos has a monastery that is considered one of the jewels of the Romanesque, also famous for being a unique place to listen to the famous Gregorian chants. Near these two villages is also the Desfiladero de la Yecla, a natural enclave of great beauty that is worth visiting.

Visit “Territorio ArtLanza”

. Located 7 km from Lerma, it is a natural village created by the artisan Felix Yanez that can be visited to the delight of its visitors. Here you can visit the artisan workshop, see the thematic sculpture along the more than 8000 m2 (the largest in the world created by a single artist) or attend their didactic workshops. It also has a corrala where cultural activities such as theater or concerts are held.
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Enotourism & Visits to wineries

. We are located within the Arlanza Designation of Origin, which is the river that runs through our town. Therefore there are several wineries producing wine and many hectares of vineyards planted in our area. In fact, we make a wine that is within the D.O. and that you can taste and buy in our restaurant. A few kilometers away also begins the D.O. Ribera del Duero, so you can visit many wineries in the area. We recommend you to visit the special guide of wineries and wine tourism in Lerma and Arlanza to live a very special wine tourism experience.  

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