Posada de Eufrasio

Group accommodations in Lerma

Rural House & Penthouse

“Enjoy as a group with the quality seal of Posada de Eufrasio”

Accommodations for groups in Lerma: Rural House & Attic

From Posada de Eufrasio, in addition to a hotel in Lerma with charm and with a high gastronomic component as it is next to Asador Eufrasio, our traditional restaurant, we offer you two more accommodations in Lerma perfect for groups: a large rural house just 7km from Lerma and our penthouse, with capacity for seven people and located in the heart of the town.

Two perfect accommodations for groups in Lerma that you can book directly from our website, always ensuring the best conditions and, of course, with the quality seal and experience of Posada & Euphrasio Grill.

Casa Adolfo: The Rural House

An unforgettable group experience

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Eufrasio Penthouse: Right in the center

Charm, modernity and comfort in the center of Lerma

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